A Year of Promise?

A Year of Promise We are currently three weeks into 2023 and, so far, it seems to be carrying some of the positive momentum from the last quarter of 2022.  Last year as a whole was brutal, with losses in virtually every asset class, but we did start to see signs of life in the

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Piling On

Piling On When we were kids, we played a game…well, it wasn’t actually a game, it was just a thing we did, where someone would shout out “Dog Pile” and someone else would jump on the ground and then everyone else would start piling on top of them.  Laughing bodies stacked on top of laughing

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Buy low, sell high

Buy low, sell high “Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.”  As fiduciary advisors, this statement is burned into our psyche at Bryant & Brannock.  We were reminded of this recently when our conversation with a client turned to his account performance since the latest rebalancing of his portfolio.  The positions we

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