Mike Brannock

Mike Brannock


There aren’t many relationships as personal as the one between an individual, or couple, and their financial advisor.  Necessity dictates that we learn details about your life that you simply don’t share with other people.  How much you earn.  How much you have saved.  How much debt you have.  What your goals and needs are.  It can be humbling.  It requires trust on your part and demands integrity on our part. 

It has been my privilege and honor to have served individuals as a financial advisor since 1997.  I’ve helped many families navigate a whirlwind of ups and downs in the stock market over that span, but that only scratches the surface of what we’ve experienced.  I’ve seen 529 college savings plans progress from the initial funding phase to actually paying for a college education.  I’ve seen IRAs progress from a savings plan to the primary source of a retiree’s income.  I’ve experienced the joy of planning a wedding fund, and shared the grief of planning how to invest a life insurance settlement.  I treasure my relationships with my clients, and I can’t imagine doing anything else.   

As a Carolina native, I have developed strong ties to my community. I love spending time with my wife and family.  Whether we are enjoying the back yard, mountains or beach, we appreciate the beauty of our state. We worship and are faithful servants at Hope Community Church, where I serve in the First Impressions Ministry.  We are a ‘House Divided’ in ACC land: two kids graduated from UNC, one from NC State and one curently attends UNC-Charlotte.  As a Carolina grad and former Pep Band member, I am not impartial!

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